Galway Triathlon Club Xmas Party

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Dj Aidan Connaughton here. Just looking back on some gigs I did recently and I thought I give a mention to Galway Triathlon Club. This was my second year entertaining Galway Triathlon Club Members at their Xmas Party. On the night I provided Galway Corporate Dj and Professional Photo Services. The bulk of my work is Weddingroupgs and Galway Birthday Parties but it’s always great to do a Community / Galway Corporate Dj event especially for such a fantastic organisation like the  Galway Triathlon Club.

A Christmas party is always fun but there is something really special about a fancy dress Christmas party. It was fantastic to see such effort made as seen from the photos attached with costumes and themes both years. Last year we had the ‘Oscars’ theme and this year it was a Disney theme. I’m already wondering what next year will bring?

Another reason why I recapped on this event is to encourage newbies or people who want to get fit and healthy, to get in touch with Galway Triathlon Club.  One of the largest Triathlon clubs in the country, Galway Triathlon Club provide a variety of training and support for the beginner, intermediate and advanced triathlete. They organise many training sessions, events and social activities weekly and monthy.  If you are interested in getting involved in the club, taking up triathlon or training for the fastest growing sport in the world – you are in the right place with Galway Tryathlon Club! I can certaintly vouch for them 😉

Finally special mention to Joanne Murphy from TriTalking Sports. Joanne did master MC on the night. There is no one better doing MC than Joanne in my opinion. If you’re organising a Gala Ball or Corporate Event be sure to contact Joanne.

I’m already looking forward to the next Galway Corporate Dj Event..





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