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Dj Aidan Connaughton here, your local Galway DJ. It’s been while since my last blog. I want to share some tips on creating a good Galway DJ Playlist for all future wedding couples. Are you planning to give your DJ a playlist? If so here’s some useful guidelines that will help your DJ create a wonderful atmosphere at your wedding.

Galway DJ Playlist Tips 

1) Is it ok to give your Galway DJ a playlist?

It should be. My response, absolutely no problem. There is no one better that knows and understands their guests than the wedding couple. Think of time the Dj will have. Each song an average of 3 mins. Don’t try and decide on every song. My advice is to keep it to 10 to 15 requests. You need to leave room for your Dj to work their magic and work the crowd.

2) Ways to get material for your Wedding playlist

1) Wedding Invitations – ask your guests what will get you dancing?
2) Music growing up – Was there a specific song or track that you or your partner loved growing up?
3) When you first met – Was there a particular song or track out at the time you got together?
4) Stag / Hen – Was there a theme song?Would you like to have it played on the night?
5) Friends – Think of your friends growing up. Was there a particular song you associate with your friend?
6) Relations – Song for an uncle/aunt or relation. Again you’re keeping everyone involved.
7) Special Requests – People love a mention at a wedding. Link a song to a friend and relation


I once played a wedding and someone requested Maniac 2000, for a guest as she was a maniac on the dance floor in college. The place went wild. Now the reaction is always good for Maniac 2000 but it was even better that night. So it’s always good to link a song to a friend, colleague, school/ college mate. It adds to the atmosphere on the night.

3) 15 to 20 requests for your Galway DJ and why?

Your playlist should be no longer than 15 to 20 requests. You need to leave room for your Dj to work your crowd based on experience. You also need to factor in guest requests on the night. No point giving your Dj 100 song requests. They will get confused and won’t know what to prioritise. 60 songs at an average of 4 mins per song is 4hrs music. The average wedding Dj gets 2 hrs playing time and some even less. So you get the idea.

4) Think of what you would like to start with and finish with

I always find it’s nice for the wedding couple to choose the opening and closing song. Sometimes they already have a song in mind that’s unique and special to them. Wedding last dance requests are usually a track that’s really popular at that given time, a classic sing along ballad or something unique and special to the wedding couple. Maybe the opening track can match the entrance song to the ballroom when you were welcomed in by your guests. Some food for thought. 

5) Favourite band or artist

Have you a favourite band or artist. Would you like something from their repertoire played at your wedding? It could be a track from U2, Bruce Springsteen or Oasis. It could be something more modern like Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Little Mix. You get the idea.

6) Break your playlist down into genre types 

This way if the Dj feels he needs to change the rhythm of the night he can quickly glance at your playlist and decide what will work to keep the night alive.

7) Highlight the must plays

If you don’t want to leave anything out. Highlight the ones you would absolutely love to hear at your wedding. That way if i am running out of time I know which ones you really want.

10) A good balance

No wedding is the same and the music can absolutely be to your liking. However it’s always best to have a good balance where all your guests are catered for. Have this in mind when thinking of your requests. You don’t want a night where there is only one genre and taste catered for. Keeping everyone involved and having a good time is key.

11) Allow your Galway DJ to work his magic

Leave some room for the Dj to make some adjustments. We have the experience to add in something that we think might work. We know what’s trending well and we know how to keep dance floors filled. Trust your Dj  😎

12) Tea & Coffee time

Majority of Dj’s arrive early and are set up and ready to go by the time your wedding band take a break. This is an ideal time for your Dj to play some requests at lower volume. Maybe you have something in mind that you believe is too slow for your Galway DJ. This could be an ideal time to play these requests. Sometimes I play tracks like the following during the tea break..
Bruno Mars – Marry You
Take That – Greatest Day,
Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud
U2 – Beautiful Day
Queen – Crazy thing called love
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere


There you go, that’s it. Just some pointers that may help in your wedding planning. Remember the Dj set should be the best most energetic part of the night. Your guests should be at their peak at this time, ready and willing to party into the early hours. If they’re not something is wrong. And more than likely the Dj you have chosen is not putting enough effort into entertaining your guests.
Still unclear on how to create a great playlist for your wedding? Don’t worry, attached above is what I found to be a really good layout of a playlist from one of my recent weddings.
If you would like to discuss further the DJ set at your Wedding, why not get in touch with me on 087 6529502 or through my contact page on my website
I hope these few tips add to the atmosphere at your wedding.
Until the next time   😀
Dj Aidan Connaughton
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