Irish Weddings DJ of the Year 2019

By | January 4, 2019

DJ of the Year 2019
Irish Weddings DJ of year Awards Finalist

Irish Weddings DJ of the Year 2019

First of all, It’s a huge honor being nominated for Irish Wedding Awards DJ of the Year 2019. Do I have a chance of winning this prestigious Irish Wedding Award? Let’s look and see.

I work hard as a Wedding DJ and my reviews are as good if not better than the majority of Wedding DJ’s out there.

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Is there another reason for being nominated? The answer goes back to the old phrase…under promise and over deliver.

Current Wedding Trends

The Wedding DJ industry in Ireland is currently in a tough but recovering place. The majority of bands offer a DJ service. Not a very good service I may add but still a DJ service. It can make sense for inexperienced Wedding couples just to get the band to look after the Wedding entertainment including DJ.

However, in the majority of cases the Wedding band don’t do a good job of the DJ set. It’s basically night over once the band is finished. That’s why a large number of couples still select a professional DJ to finish off their Wedding in style.

To get more Wedding DJ bookings, professional DJ’s need to do more for their Wedding couples and go the extra mile for them. They need to under promise Wedding couples and over deliver. That’s exactly what I try to do at all my Weddings.

How do I go the extra mile?

First off I arrive exactly the same time as the Wedding band. Why? It gives me plenty of time to react if something goes wrong with my equipment. It also allows me to get to know the Wedding guests and build up a rapport with them. It’s very important when you’re encouraging them onto the dance floor at the end of the night.

Once the equipment is set up, I have free time before the Wedding band finish their set. At this time I take photos. Example here

You can see the appeal of these photos to Wedding couples. These cherished moments are usually missed at Weddings.

Not only that, I also do my best to capture video clips like the following.

Alistair & Ciara’s Galway Wedding

People may say, you use the photos and video clips to promote yourself. Yes, that’s true. However, it’s hugely beneficial to Wedding couples to have these cherished moments from the best day of their lives. These moments are usually missed at Weddings.

I personally capture and edit all the photos and video content at my Weddings. It’s a lot of extra work but professional Wedding DJ’s need to offer more to their clients and they need to go the extra mile.


Professional Wedding DJ’s need to offer more to Wedding couples. They need to out sell the Wedding band DJ. Professional Wedding DJ’s need to make it an easy decision for Wedding couples. Wedding couples need to be able to say. DJ Aidan Connaughton does a great job of entertaining but he also takes photos and video clips. Our Wedding band DJ can’t do that.

That’s exactly why I think I was nominated for this award. I’m up against some fantastic DJ’s but I think I have a great chance of winning the Irish Weddings Awards DJ of the Year 2019

Fingers crossed for the awards ceremony on the 28th of January 2019

Thanks for your time folks.

DJ Aidan Connaughton

DJ of the Year 2019