DJ Only Weddings

Full Night Wedding DJ

DJ Only Weddings are getting more and more popular with huge savings for Wedding couples.

For your whole evenings entertainment, why not choose a DJ instead of a band? A DJ can offer a musical mix to suit all ages and styles playing songs that sound exactly as you remember them. DJs have a much broader repertoire than a live band and can easily add any songs you request. A combination of good music, lighting and MC skills can really set the mood and keep the party going. A DJ is also a lot cheaper than a band as there is only one person to pay.

Tips to help you book a Full Night Wedding DJ

1) Book an Award Winning DJ

I specialize in DJ Only Weddings. Not every DJ can accommodate a No Band Wedding or have the confidence to do it. If you are going to trust a DJ to look after all your Wedding entertainment. Make sure you book the best. Make sure to choose a multi award winning DJ that has the experience to entertain your guests and create that electric party atmosphere.

TOP TIP: Take your time when booking a DJ. Do your research online

2) Insist On a Professional Set Up

A professional Wedding DJ needs to have a professional set up with a WOW factor. I know I’m biased but I think my set up is impressive, looks good and creates the right atmosphere from the start.

Top Tip: Make sure to ask to see your Wedding DJ’s set up before booking.

3) Read Reviews of Potential Wedding DJ’s

Make sure to read up on Wedding reviews of DJ’s you think will be suitable for your Wedding. This will give you a good understanding of what your DJ will be like. My reviews speak for themselves. I believe they are up there with the best in the business.

Click on the images below to see the full reviews.

Or click here for my Google Reviews or here for my Facebook reviews.

Top Tip: Only the best DJ’s display their reviews. They have nothing to hide.

4) Look up YouTube Clips Of Potential Wedding DJ’s

Make sure to check out potential Wedding DJ’s online. You need to see what your Wedding DJ will be like on the night. Look them up on You Tube. If they’re not willing to post clips on YouTube something is wrong. Here’s a couple of clips from two of my ‘No Band’ Weddings last year. More clips are available on my YouTube page.

TOP TIP: Go see your DJ live at a Wedding. All the good DJ’s will have no problem with this

You’re in safe hands